Sunday, April 23, 2017

Swamp Thing

                                        Scam Alert Cash Up Front

There's a scam that homeowners are warned about every now and then. Crews working neighborhoods ring bells and offer to do some sort of work, yard work, plumbing, anything like it. They will say that they have a special deal, but that it's a one day special, that they need to close the deal quickly so the work can begin.

As you may guess, when the job is paid upfront, the work may not ever get done. Or, more cash will be required because of unexpected difficulties in the job. Senior citizens are most often targeted for this con, but it can happen to anybody that will fall for it.

During his campaign for the Presidency, a signature issue for Donald Trump was that he'd build a wall on the southern border and "Mexico would pay for it".

Well, Donnie Boy wound up winning and he's trying to get something accomplished as the first one hundred days of his Presidency are coming to an end. Since Mexico has stated, in no uncertain terms, that they will most definitely not pay for Trump's Wall, the Donald is trying to have billions of dollars appropriated from a finance bill that is necessary to keep the government from running out of money. Trump wants American taxpayers to front the money for his wall, and he'll somehow get Mexico to pay us back down the line.

Once a con man, always a con man. How is this any different from the home repair scam? Convincing folks that they need work done and squeezing more and more money out of them to get the project done is a known and typical fraud. Looking at his record, it's clear to see that Trump is just as much of a fraud. 

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