Monday, July 25, 2016

Up is Down and Wrong is Right

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For decades, radical conservatives have done a great job of convincing ordinary people to vote against their own self interests and continually vote for politicians and policies that have brought the once great American Middle Class to it's knees. Rampant income inequality, corporate welfare and a declining standard of living is all middle America has to show for it.

One particular group of Americans, Log Cabin Republicans, or gay Republicans, are quite hard to figure out. Gay rights have been opposed for years by the radical conservatives that have taken over the Republican party. The hatred that the radical conservative evangelical Christian groups have for gays has always been and remains palpable.

How brainwashed must these Log Cabiners be to align themselves with a party that would, in many cases, have no qualms about hounding them to their deaths? Are the lop sided fiscal policies of radical conservatives so attractive to these self identified gay Republicans that their own civil rights have lost their meaning?

Maybe Clarence Thomas or Ben Carson can help me figure this out.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

He Don't Need No Education

Boy, after a while, it wears you down. Pretty soon, you start to believe, even if you know deep down it's a lie. Maybe Donald is right. Maybe we need a wall. It was always one of my favorites, anyway.


But, Donald for President? I think not!

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Wi Lie

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In addition to being an awful company for unions, Verizon doesn't do right by it's customers either.

Verizon used to offer unlimited wireless data plans, but that ended years ago. Customers with those plans were grandfathered in and permitted to keep their plans, but were blocked from upgrading their phones on installment plans or risk losing their unlimited data. New phones were full price.

Verizon threatened to throttle data for heavy users, but backed off of that when the FCC stepped in. They raised their prices on these plans, and have continued to try to induce people to leave these unlimited plans.

Now, Verizon has said that the very heaviest users of data will lose their unlimited data. Verizon claims that their network is a "shared resource" and that data hogs are unfairly degrading network performance.

This is just the latest in a long series of corporate lies from Verizon. Verizon has no problem selling ever larger buckets of data, with no threat of losing your plan. How can data users on an unlimited plan cause network degradation, but users that pay for an equivalent amount of metered data (a heck of a lot costlier) would not cause this alleged network degradation?

It's just that they want to extract the maximum amount that they can from their users. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem, but thousands of customers had signed up on unlimited deals. Unlimited data with no exceptions. No one held a gun to Verizon to offer those plans, and customers signed up in good faith. But good faith is a foreign concept to Verizon.

It shouldn't be a surprise that a company that treats its employees with such disregard would also treat its customers the same way.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Lady is a Trump

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There's not much to add to the fiasco that was Melania Trump's plagiarized speech at the Republican Convention the other day. It was just another day in Trumpworld, after all.

The unending refusal to take responsibility is a Trump hallmark. If you speak the words, they are your words. In spite of a Trump employee coming forward to fall on a sword, it doesn't change anything. The time for truth is not after the lies don't work.

That's why the lady is a Trump. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Time Keeps on Slipping into the Future

This clock was given out as a souvenir of the Local 751 50th Anniversary party back in 1991, held at the Windows on the World, high atop the World Trade Center.

It was a memorable party, and lo and behold, 25 years later, we are preparing for 751's 75th Anniversary party this September. 

It promises to be another wonderful shindig, but I can't help wondering, what will be in store for 2041, on the 100th Anniversary? It'll be here before you know it. 

Friday, July 15, 2016



According to Merriam Webster , the number two (how appropriate!) definition of "fundament" is "buttocks or anus".

That puts a welcome new perspective when we see news reports describing terrorists as "fundamentalists". Even the media know these murderous madmen are a$$holes. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Saturday Night Jive

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Two comedians with roots in SNL have gone on to become rabid right-wing radical conservatives. Yes, the laughs have stopped, and they are both sadly cringe-worthy.

There's nothing funny about these two anymore. She is a born again screeching conspiracy theorist tea-bagger. He is just a Fox News Channel lapdog for Bill O'Reilly.

There were always rumors of heavy drug use on the show through the years. Who knows what accounts for these two and what they've become?

Monday, July 11, 2016

Would You Buy a Used Car From These Guys?

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From the "Old News" file, it may be instructive/amusing to recall how many of the Republican contenders for the Presidential nomination had "pledged" to support the eventual nominee. Readers with strong stomachs will recall that all, except for the eventual winner Donald Trump, held up their hands in front of the nation on national TV and declared their party loyalty.

Well, as we approach the Republican National Convention all these months later, most of the losing candidates have reneged on that pledge. Trump, triumphant, has proven himself a fatally flawed candidate, and conservative Republicans have been reduced to furtive plots to deny Trump his democratically won nomination at the Republican quadrennial showcase.

It's no surprise that democracy makes these guys queasy. They are used to rigging the system on behalf of the one-percenters. That the base of their party has thrown off the conservative elites is simply unfathomable to those old line lions. Having spoon fed their base years of racist xenophobic dog-whistle pablum, it was inevitable that from the swamp Trump, or someone like him, would rise and seize on this group of hardcore know-nothings to wrest control from the obstructionists that have led the Republicans for decades. Simply put, what comes around, goes around.

So as the conservative chieftains yammer on about "core principles", let's remember how honesty and justice don't really have a place in that quite fictional list.


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In the aftermath of the horror in Dallas, so many questions remain. The magnitude of sadness and despair may be too raw to ask them, but I wonder:

1. If the robot bomb failed to kill the shooter, what was the next option? A bigger bomb?

2. Does the use of the bomb mean that future gunmen will be inspired or encouraged to take hostages,     for their own protection against the bomb tactic?

3. How might a judge rule on the civil rights questions of the killing with extreme prejudice of an           alleged criminal without due process?

 4. If law enforcement is supposed to "Protect and Serve", how do military style tactics fulfill that            mission?   

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fully Committed


Fully Committed is entering the final three weeks of it's successful run. It's star, Jessie Tyler Ferguson, will be returning to his popular TV show, and the Lyceum will be awaiting it's next tenant for the fall.

Tonight, the crew of Fully Committed was invited to cocktails and snacks, hosted by Mr. Ferguson. It was a lovely time and very much appreciated (it doesn't happen that often!). A very classy gesture by a charming and talented artist.

Movie and TV stars that work on Broadway often speak warmly of the Broadway theater community. Broadway shows are not very different from families, albeit usually temporary ones. At the party tonight, Jessie mentioned that a one-man show can be somewhat lonely. I think we all can relate to that in some way, working on Broadway. The odd shifts, not many holidays or weekends. The Broadway world has it's own rhythm, and it's just not the same as other realms.

I think that's part of what made tonight so special. It was a chance to hang with our Broadway family in a non-work situation. It wasn't a jam-packed opening night, it was a laid back evening in a warm and cozy space.

Jessie spoke of his appreciation for all our efforts on the show. I know we all appreciated his efforts. I look forward to him returning to Broadway sometime in the future, and I hope to have the opportunity to work a show of his again

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