Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Secret Science of Scalping Tickets - NYTimes.com

The Secret Science of Scalping Tickets - NYTimes.com:

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To read and believe this drivel of a Ticketmaster planted article, you'd believe that not only would people LIKE to pay higher prices for tickets to concerts and the like, but that Ticketmaster is simply an altruistic organization dedicated to helping the poor downtrodden concert goer anxious to spend untold hundreds of dollars on tickets just so they can give as much money as possible to starving artists!

I guess radical conservatives are right! People should always act against their own  self interest because it serves some kind of higher economic good, like extracting cash from their pockets so that the fat cats can line theirs.

Hoo Boy! It's sad how the newspaper of record can be so co-opted in this way, to serve the corporate ends of Ticketmaster.

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