Monday, June 3, 2013

Putting Words in Their Mouths

Another young athlete shoots off his mouth, spewing either racist, or homophobic language and nowadays, he (so often, a he) is dumb enough to do it while speaking at a press conference.

There's nothing really new here, jocks will be jocks. The sports culture in this country has always been, and by and large remains, hyper macho,very immature, and kind of dumb.

What could make the stupidity worse? The inevitable apology, the written statement released by the player or the team that with a studied eloquence and lucidity that walks back the offensive and thoughtless original comments.

Who really believes that the "statement" truly speaks for the player? The team publicist may be very sorry about the remark, but it is clear to anyone with half a brain that the apology was not written by the player, and most certainly does not represent the player's thoughts or feelings.

Why go through with this charade? Why compound the original sin of malevolent ignorance and stupidity with an obvious lie? Does anyone feel better knowing that a corporate stooge had to write an apology note for some goofball athlete?

But one thing is true about it, though. You really don't see them move their lips even as they pull the strings. 

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