Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Looking Out for Number One


"How can Trump be in bed with the Russians when he just called them out for their ties to Syria? It doesn't make sense! He himself has called the relationship with Russia to be as bad as at the height of the cold war!"

You might think these were logical questions and statements that put the investigations into Trump's campaign ties to Russia and the sentiment of U.S. intelligence services conclusion that Russia did interfere in the U.S. Presidential elections into a whole new and skeptical light.

Well. logic be damned. Let's look at the facts.

Donald Trump has a long checkered and documented past of self-dealing in every way imaginable. From stiffing private contractors to abusive use of lawsuits, Trump is a known devious and dishonest manipulator. Just because the Russians may have helped him or simply preferred him to Hillary Clinton doesn't mean that when the chaos and ineptitude of Trump's still less than one hundred days old and derailing administration  that a nifty turn to military action in Syria and diplomatic name calling of the Russians wouldn't be just the tonic for the embattled Trump Administration.

Even now as he pushes out his buddy Steve Bannon, Trump will do what he must to survive. Skip out on payments to small businesses in Atlantic City? Check. Declare bankruptcy multiple times, leaving co-investors holding the bag? Check. Even throw your Russian patrons under the bus, in spite of having the election tilt your way with their help? No problemo.

It's just about the Donald, and it doesn't matter who he betrays when the going gets tough. And besides, the Russians may be crafty, but that doesn't make them smart. Getting in bed with the Trumpster may have felt good at the time, but now that Donnie-boy has shown a propensity for launching cruise missiles without the lawful assent of Congress, maybe Vladimir might be starting to have a bit of buyer's remorse right about now.

Just like a wistful bride with her hunky but abusive husband, maybe Vlad thought he could change him. We know how that scenario tends to play out, don't we?

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