Sunday, March 5, 2017

Truth With No Consequences


Donald Trump is still having a hard time with the truth. All about him are leaks and the truth trickles out painfully slowly.

Since his January twentieth inauguration, he's lost a National Security advisor to a lack of truth, and now his newly installed Attorney General has had to recuse himself from investigating the Trump campaign following the revelation that he told lies to Congress during his confirmation hearings. He perjured himself, but maybe that's just semantics. Lies under oath may not actually be perjury to the Republican-controlled Congress. The Republicans do a good job of watching out for their own.

But, I wonder, what's all the hullaballoo about, anyway? So what if Trump and his campaign unlawfully colluded with the Russian government to tilt the election to Trump? So what if Trump has installed a cabinet that will carry out Steve Bannon's fever dream of tearing up the country's social contract? It's not like his constituents care about the truth.

Trump's base, his voters, are aware of what a liar Trump is. He's a sexual predator, a con artist, a thief, a serial philanderer, but none of that mattered to his base. They proudly voted him in.

As we know, his voters were the basket of deplorables, the racists, misogynists, know-nothings and the alt-right gang. Those cretins were tuned into the racist rhetoric spewed by Trump during the campaign, and they ate it up.

Another group were the Hillary-haters. That group that would have voted for ANYONE other than Hillary Clinton. That Donald Trump was the opposing candidate was just a happy coincidence for Donald. These misguided souls would have voted for Hitler if Hillary were the only other choice. Even with all of the tumult of the first months of Trump, this group still continues to rationalize their choice, cognitive dissonance being what it is.

A third group, mislabeled as "Never Trump"-ers, were the "principled" Republicans that opposed Trump during the primaries, but now that Trump is President, the use-by dates of their principled stances have long since run out. These collaborators are cynically attempting to get their repugnant radical Conservative platform implemented before the inevitable Trump meltdown, or after, when Pence is elevated to the Presidency.

The truth has no place in the world of these groups of Trump voters. Trump has the freedom to lie to their faces and smugly be certain of there being no significant push back from any of these groups. Rather than waste a lot of time, Trump ought to come clean about Russia's involvement in his campaign. He should release his tax returns so that the mystery of his financial entanglements will no longer arouse the righteous suspicions of the minority Democrats.

The truth will deflate all of the obstacles and clear the way for an easy enactment of his fascist agenda. He has nothing to fear.

The truth will set him free. 

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