Saturday, March 4, 2017

FBI or LifeLock?


This amusing commercial for LifeLock points out the futility of monitoring a problem if you don't fix it. It makes the case for their (very high priced) credit monitoring and identity theft protection.

The bigger point that one might inquire about is the role of the FBI in the recent Presidential election.

It appears that the FBI was well aware of ongoing inappropriate and possibly illegal activity involving Russian intervention in the election and collusion with various members of the Trump campaign.

That's all well and good, but it's now four months after the election. Why was the FBI, if aware of these activities as it now seems clear, unable to put a stop to it? Is it not the role of the federal law enforcement agency to protect the nation from any unlawful activity? Or, are they merely like the "dental monitor" in the above LifeLock commercial, only to monitor but not prevent illegal activity?

What is the point of the FBI monitoring the illegal activities of anyone if they do not act to prevent these activities?

It might be costly, but perhaps we ought to swap out the FBI for LifeLock.

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