Sunday, March 12, 2017

Living the Lesson


Like many Asian industrial powers, South Korea has had great success in taking good ideas and making them better. In the consumer electronics realm, South Korean companies have made great strides in improving products with each new product cycle.

Politically, these economic powerhouses have used the blueprint of American democracy to enhance their standing in the world and to provide a secure economic environment for their well educated and upwardly mobile middle classes.

Now it is time for the student to instruct the teacher.

South Korea has impeached and removed from office their head of state. Corruption and political malfeasance justified the move and new elections will be held. There are defenders of the deposed President, but the mature populace has not resorted to violence. It is a textbook example of modern political maturity.

The United States has a similar situation. A democratically elected President is enmeshed in corrupt practices and foreign intrigue. His cabal of fascist advisors is enabling the crippling of the nation economically and politically. For the good of the country, the only logical solution is the impeachment and removal of President Trump.

Will this country live up to its principles and promises, or does this administration mark the unstoppable slide to oblivion of the great American experiment?

Stay tuned. 

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