Sunday, January 29, 2017

Conscientious Objections


Question: Why should Muslims in the U.S. Military, any municipal police department, or any Federal Agency involved with the implementation of President Trump's fascist policies of denying Constitutional guarantees of civil rights to Muslims continue to carry out their duties?

Answer: Easy. They shouldn't. And for good measure, any Americans of good conscience should also stand with those whose rights are being abrogated.

President Trump has the awesome power of the Presidency at his disposal, but, at least so far, he hasn't wiped away the principles outlined in our founding documents.

Even if Trump has co-opted the Republican party, whose hands are stained with the stench of collaboration, there must be total opposition to the Trump plan. We must remember the names of every elected quisling that has found refuge in the filth of Trump's fascism and see that they face swift retribution at the ballot box.

Nothing less will do. The only requirement is courage, and that is very scarce in this country.    

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