Monday, January 23, 2017



It's bad enough that on the weekends MSNBC switches from news coverage to shows about life in prisons. It's equally annoying to find cooking travelogues on CNN in the evening hours of the weekend. But now, once again, CNN is promoting and will air a "documentary" series about the life of Jesus.

I know that these days the networks are just ratings whores with little or no commitment to hewing to their journalistic mission statements. With the bulk of their evening shows crammed with "editorial" shows instead of actual reportage and sober analysis, there really is no way to glean news from cable news channels.

The rationale of a twenty-four hour news cycle is just an excuse to allow for the slipshod job of reporting news these channels provide. How can there ever be any excuse for a twenty-four hour news channel not to have enough time to cover the news?

And another thing. Why are there movies and documentaries on The Weather Channel now? Where can I get a forecast, on the Home Shopping Network?  

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