Thursday, October 20, 2016

TodayTix Cracks

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TodayTix, the ersatz discount mobile ticket app, has now started to raise their prices. Obviously unable to show profits, the business model of paying people to use the app with unsustainable rebates and bonuses is starting to burden their VC backers.

As we've seen, all TodayTix does is take orders from millennials too lazy to understand how to buy Broadway theater tickets, sends runners to wait on box office lines to purchase tickets at prices available to any ticket buyer, and charges fees to have a red shirted hipster hand them their tickets out on the street. Well, those fees are going up now as reality starts to set in.

The scalability of the TodayTix model has always been it's weakest point. The dizzying churn of their low wage employees has also been a problem, no doubt. Now, fees are starting to rise, as they clearly had to.

Even the idiots on Broadway chatboards are complaining about how the fee increase will eat into their coupon code sharing profits.

The days of TodayTix seem to be numbered now. That must mean it's time for Ticketmaster to make an offer. The last hope for TodayTix is to just survive until the offer comes through.  

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