Thursday, October 20, 2016

The End is in Sight

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November 8th is almost here, and the imploding Trump candidacy appears headed to the dust bin of history. Many people believe that even if Trump loses, he is positioning himself to create some sort of media entity, TrumpTV, as it were.

His rabid followers, those deplorables in a basket or basket cases, will have a field day. It is reminiscent of when Glenn Beck was eased off of Fox News because of his strident conspiracy theories and lunatic pronouncements, and went on to form The Blaze, a website and media company designed to capitalize on the Glenn Beck brand.

The Blaze is now sputtering out. Published reports indicate the site is failing and flailing about in a haze of executive turnover and low employee morale. The Blaze never extended Beck's brand, only his most loyal fellow travellers cared enough to fork over the subscription fees that was the lifeblood of The Blaze.

TrumpTV appears headed for a similar trajectory. With alt.-right Breitbart DNA coursing through its corporate blood, TrumpTV will fly for a bit, and ultimately collapse under its own weight. The Trump cohort doesn't have the sophistication to support a for profit media operation. When the KKK, InfoWars and other insane sites spew conspiracy theories for free, getting the Trump folk to shell out for TrumpTV is a decidedly dicey proposition.

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