Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Between Rock and a Hard Place

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Rock is dead. If the modern Rock era began with Bill Haley rockin' around the clock, it will have succumbed at the not very ripe age of 61.

The cause of death is reported to be a deadly form of creeping conservatism. Live fast, and die young was the fate of many, but that isn't the source. It seems to be the survivors are afflicted with cringe-worthy political changes.

The first example is the once-named Motor City Madman. Now you'd more accurately call him, simply, Madman. That would be Ted Nugent. The rocker that based his entire career on playing blues inspired music, can't help but characterize black people in the most derogatory terms. Now, as everyone knows, his music career is moribund, but his political activities are reprehensible. He is a true gun nut and a vicious and cruel racist and misogynist.

We can't forget Roger Waters, he of Pink Floyd. The rock icon has been flailing anti-Semitic charges against Israel for years, promoting boycotts and terrorist Palestinian behavior. I suppose he do need some education.

Another example is the guitar wiz known as Slow Hand. Nowadays, maybe a more appropriate name would be Slow Brain. Eric Clapton, a very white guitar god played the blues like few others has aged into a Brexit type in merry olde England, speaking out against immigration and the effects it has on English society. I wonder what effects he might be referring to?

Who can forget the numerous skinhead punk bands dedicated to various flavors of Nazi ideology? Punk music was originally hailed  for it's infusion of energy and revitalization of rock music. Well, that turned into a dead end, didn't it?


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