Friday, September 2, 2016

Mean Streets

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Way back in the storied 1970's in New York City, the town was very different. The Disneyification of Times Square was years away, The city was a dangerous and gritty place. Even so, to many that lived through that era, it is looked back upon as a sort of a golden era.

Squeegee men, pimps and hookers operated in the open. It was like running a gauntlet just to get to a theater and see a Broadway show, or a kung fu flick in a movie theater on 42nd Street with floors that were beyond sticky with who knows what.

One time, I was walking down Eighth Avenue near Times Square with a friend of mine. Stopping at a corner to wait for the light, a hooker approached us and, in the way of avoiding inadvertently propositioning a cop, called out to us, "Hey, are you guys dating?"

I answered in the only way I could. "No, we're just friends." With that the light changed, and the two of us continued on our way.

I think she hollered out to us something not very nice. 

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