Thursday, August 18, 2016

Rogue's Gallery


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Donald Trump:   Republican Presidential Nominee . Admirer and apologist for Vladimir Putin, Russian Dictator, Kim Jong-Il, North Korean Dictator, Saddam Hussein, ex-Iraqi Dictator. Undercutter of NATO. Invited Russian espionage and hacking of U.S. election opponent. Supports Russian annexation of Crimea. Purports to negotiate in Mid East at the expense of Israel. 

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Paul Manafort: Campaign manager of Trump candidacy. Worked for Russian backed forces in Ukraine. Appears to have been paid cash from Russian factions in Ukraine. 

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Michael Flynn : Foreign policy adviser to Trump, retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General ex-Director of Defense Intelligence. Received payments from Russian media company with close ties to Putin. 

Have the Republicans no shame at all?

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