Monday, July 25, 2016

Up is Down and Wrong is Right

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For decades, radical conservatives have done a great job of convincing ordinary people to vote against their own self interests and continually vote for politicians and policies that have brought the once great American Middle Class to it's knees. Rampant income inequality, corporate welfare and a declining standard of living is all middle America has to show for it.

One particular group of Americans, Log Cabin Republicans, or gay Republicans, are quite hard to figure out. Gay rights have been opposed for years by the radical conservatives that have taken over the Republican party. The hatred that the radical conservative evangelical Christian groups have for gays has always been and remains palpable.

How brainwashed must these Log Cabiners be to align themselves with a party that would, in many cases, have no qualms about hounding them to their deaths? Are the lop sided fiscal policies of radical conservatives so attractive to these self identified gay Republicans that their own civil rights have lost their meaning?

Maybe Clarence Thomas or Ben Carson can help me figure this out.

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