Saturday, March 5, 2016

What if....

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So with the passing of Antonin Scalia, the Supreme Court sits at 4-4, conservatives vs. liberals. With the obstructionist Republican Senate refusing to play their constitutional role of holding hearings and voting on potential nominees, the prospect of an understaffed Supreme Court lasting over a year is in the offing.

In this strange political year, with the rise of Trump, who's to say things can't get any stranger?

What if.....?

What if another Supreme Court judge were to die now or in the next couple of months? They are not spring chickens, and anything that can happen usually does. Of course, a liberal judge could just as easily die as a conservative one could, but what if another conservative judge died next?

What might the Republican led Senate do with the prospect of a Court that were to sit at 4-3 in favor of the liberals?

It's impossible to know, of course, but I don't see the Republicans covering themselves with glory. I'd expect more hypocritical responses and a general confusion that we've grown accustomed to from this crowd.

While not wishing anyone a premature death, it would be fascinating to watch how the tragedy would play out.

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