Friday, March 4, 2016

The Contratution

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For over seven years, Congressional Republicans have only obstructed any and all overtures and initiatives from President Obama. From shutting down the government to not filling appointments, Republicans have shown their willingness and preference to abdicate their responsibility to govern.

The response, the use of executive orders, has been condemned by the Republicans as "unconstitutional" and "tyrannical". Yet, with the power to impeach at their disposal, the Republicans have not seen fit to employ this, despite President Obama's many constitutional "crimes".

Meanwhile, these stalwart "defenders" of the Constitution now are calling foul on candidate Donald Trump for his looney statements and promises. These Republican insiders don't really differ from Trump in the specifics of their policies, only that the populist Trump is a loose cannon unbeholden to the big money Republican donors. But hey, that's politics.

But what about the Republican led Senate that has publicly declared that President Obama will not be permitted to name the next Supreme Court judge, despite what the Constitution clearly and unambiguously prescribes?

Well, that is absolutely unconstitutional, but there doesn't seem to be any way of enforcing the Constitution in this case. The founders never suspected that the government would be taken over by hypocrites and racist thugs held in the thrall of big money patrons, unwilling to do the job they were sworn to do.

The American Experiment is in as much danger as it ever has been. 

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