Monday, November 23, 2015

What Fools These Mortals Be

In the typical idiotic hysteria about disallowing refugees into this country, the realities of our own history are cast aside with blithe contempt.

When every tinhorn leader of every faction is done dividing up the spoils in Syria, what spoils will there really be? A burned out husk of a hellscape, no civilization, no infrastructure, no culture, nothing will be left. The ashes of Syria will burn for decades and all of the death and destruction will ultimately be for nothing.

However, the refugees that escape and are given safe haven to live peacefully will flower and spring forth with families, artists, workers, professionals, scientists, inventors and others that will no doubt change the world.

Will America turn it's back on it's own heritage of welcoming and replenishing itself with the "wretched refuse" of the world and sink into the mire of its own making?

To listen to the leading Republican Presidential candidates, that would seem to be just the path that they would take this country down.

In the slogan of a leading xenophobic Republican bigot, let's "Make America Great Again". How? The way we were made great before. Let us welcome the latest additions to the 'great melting pot' and watch as we thrive. 

1 comment:

  1. C'mon. It's only through systemic hatred that we can show our greatness. It's only by replicating the tactics of post-WWII US and nazi Germany can we assert out world dominance. It's only by insulating and isolating ourselves from THE OTHER can we be king of the friggin', stinkin' hill! Walls are not enough! Identification and close monitoring are inadequate!! MORE!! I say, bring on MORE hatred, more zenophobia!! In fact...maybe everyone who isn't a hateful Republican presidential candidate should just go back to his or her land of heritage!!! If any one these dangerous buffoons were to take the election, I'd be ready to pack our stuff and head...well...anywhere that would have us.