Friday, August 7, 2015

Up Chuck da Boogie

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The latest from "Pandering Central', THIS JUST IN, Senator Chuck Schumer decides to align himself with the INSANE Republican Senators and oppose the deal that President Obama has negotiated with Iran to stave off the development of Iran's nuclear capabilities.

What can you say about a politician that, for purely political reasons, will vote with the racist obstructionists of the right on an issue as important as this? I don't give a fig that Schumer is Jewish, only that he has caved in to the hard right Israeli lobby that opposes this deal. Of all people, I expect a modicum of integrity and fortitude from a guy in line to become the next Democratic leader in the senate.

There is no excuse for this kind of political self serving behavior when the Congress is filled with the fetid wretches of the teabaggers and the idealogues of the racist right.

New York's senior senator should and needs to be a statesman. Instead, he is a stinking, spineless politician.

And that is a freakin' shame. 

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