Friday, August 7, 2015

Remembering a Forgotten Hero

Frances Oldham Kelsey, F.D.A. Stickler Who Saved U.S. Babies From Thalidomide, Dies at 101 - The New York Times:

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What can you say about a doctor in government service that stood up to corporate pressure to approve a drug not properly tested? Thanks seem hardly enough.

From the cohort of babies born in the early 60's in the United States, of which I am a member, a special thanks are especially in order.

We now live in an era of the class action lawsuit. Big Pharma pushes out new drugs to maintain profits and earnings growth for shareholders, and if there turns out to be a problem, well, let the insurance and the lawyers sort it all out. The process takes years, and the victims of drug side effects, poorly understood or studied, can never be adequately repaid.

Thanks Dr. Kelsey, magnificent job.

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