Saturday, July 4, 2015

Beating a Dead Horse That Has Left the Barn

                            Image result for july 4th 2015 mlb uniforms

MLB marketing has succeeded in making the "Official July 4th" caps and jerseys into clown outfits.

With the flag image screened onto the caps of the teams, and stars spangling the numbers and lettering of the jerseys, you can hardly tell what team you are looking at. The colors are so changed, today the Yankees looked like they were wearing Mets colors. Yuck!

Doesn't matter though, it's just about selling these new designs to fans that are dopey enough to buy them.

I mean, why do Yankee fans buy jerseys with names on the back, anyway? Are they that unaware that the team does not put names on the jerseys at all, and never did?

Oh well. Buy them at the store or stadium and save shipping and handling. 

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