Saturday, May 9, 2015

Bad Weather Ahead

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For the second year in a row, a tropical storm has spawned off the east coast of the United States. I noted this phenomenon last year, but that was during the month of July. The latest event, Tropical Storm Ana, has formed before the hurricane season has even begun.

For what has been described as a "by no means impossible, but statistically low probability occurrence", two years in a row is starting to look like the future will be a lot more eventful, hurricane-wise on the east coast.

If there are any remaining lunatics that still doubt the effects of climate change brought on by human activities, it's long past time to pull their heads out of their rears. The science is clear, and the intensity of droughts, tornadoes, floods and yes, super storm hurricanes are all the evidence any moderately clear thinking person should be able to understand.

The time has come to address this problem on a worldwide basis, and it's the responsibility of the United States to lead the way.

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