Monday, August 4, 2014

"We Have Different Values and Allies"

So says a tweet with this picture sent by Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. 

I wouldn't doubt it. Putin pals around with reckless Russian separatists in Ukraine that shoot down civilian jetliners with weapons he provides. He lies about his actions and his intentions. He demonizes gays, and has single-handedly undone any chance that Russia had to grow it's democracy after the Soviet era. 

Putin's posing with wild and likely drugged animals highlights his complete disdain for wildlife and the extent he'll go to create a cult of personality around himself. 

Obama has spent six years trying to extract the United States from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, avoiding armed conflict in Libya, Syria and Iran, and bringing healthcare to millions of people that heretofore had been denied it. While doing all this, he has been trying to rebuild the United States economy that was in shambles when he came into office. 

I must agree with Rogozin, and for the United States, thank goodness. 

P.S. Why is Triumph the Insult Dog in the Putin portion of this picture? Is that some kind of hidden dig by Rogozin at Putin? Rogozin may be spending some quality time in some lovely gulag in the near future. 

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