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Ebola drug likely saved American patients -

Ebola drug likely saved American patients -

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This story is strange for many reasons. It is not yet being reported by the New York Times, and only seems to be appearing in a few places, mostly television news. I wonder why...?

The story speaks about an "experimental" serum that will treat the Ebola virus, a deadly disease that is transmitted by contact, and that is native to parts of Africa. The serum was administered to an American healthcare worker infected while treating an outbreak in Africa, and another will soon receive it. The two stricken people were airlifted from Africa to Atlanta by the CDC for treatment in Atlanta. The word is that there is improvement and hope for the first, with the second about to be treated.

Ebola does not exist in North America. How did the company that created this serum develop it without samples of the virus? If the drug was tested on animals, how did the animals, the infected animals, get in the U.S.? If this drug, experimental though it may be or claimed to be,is being used now to treat humans, why is it not available for use in the areas of the outbreak?

I hate conspiracy theories. It's usually impossible to believe that our government, so inept in so many ways, can ever really get it together enough to actually pull off any of the wild conspiracy theories that we hear about. But, recent revelations point to NSA surveillance on Americans on an unprecedented level. The CIA has been caught red-handed spying on Congress, all the while denying it.

I believe that this story can only be explained by a very frightening theory. It seems to me that the Ebola virus has been weaponized and research on providing an antidote has been going on in this country with illicit samples of the virus, and this latest outbreak has provided a chance to test the deployment and control of the virus.

Why only partial news coverage? Why airlift Americans to the CDC for treatment? Couldn't the serum have more easily been sent over there, rather than airlift fragile and very sick individuals, or might it be easier to protect the antidote in the USA? If recent actions in Russia point to a resumption of the Cold War, will it be fought with the latest version of germ warfare?

The Times did report on a person being checked out in NYC today with Ebola symptoms. If the virus is here, as it clearly is, containment will be difficult. The CDC recently discovered a cache of small pox in a broom closet, or some such unsecured area that they were unaware of. Having the CDC in charge of treating and or handling Ebola does not engender any confidence at all.

If there is a secret project around the Ebola virus, it's probable that it is a case of a small cadre of hidden intelligence groups that are unknown to the government at large. One hand not knowing what the other is doing is a recipe for an unimaginable disaster on a scale not seen in nearly a hundred years.

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  1. Dear Conspiracy Theorist: My birthday is rapidly approaching. A BUBBLE (impermeable to all objects, living and dead, macro- and microscopic) would make a lovely, thoughtful gift.