Thursday, July 24, 2014

TicketNetwork Settles Deceptive Marketing Complaint -

TicketNetwork Settles Deceptive Marketing Complaint -

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What exactly is the difference between what went on here, and what goes on in the Ticketmaster or StubHub realm?

Everyone is reselling tickets. Why is it okay for Ticketmaster to operate as a secondary seller, but no one else?  What about the deals they have between MLB, the NFL, or the sites they run for individual sports teams?

They call "TicketNetwork" deceptive. In reality, it's no more deceptive than Ticketmaster selling as a primary and secondary seller, all in one. The settlement described in this article is the result of a waste of resources by law enforcement, and an unethical preservation of Ticketmaster and StubHub's near monopolistic control of ticket distribution in many markets.

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