Monday, June 30, 2014

The Conservapocalypse

The chickens have indeed begun coming home to roost. With more Supreme Court decisions handed down today, we are seeing the damage from the Republican appointees to the high court over the last three decades.

Pronounced "people" by Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, corporations now have, in addition to free speech rights, and unchecked monetary access to the political system, newly recognized religious rights, and may impose their beliefs upon their secular employees.

Women's health costs need not be paid for by insurance provided by employers, contrary to established precedent and law. The right of individuals has been usurped and codified into law by this Supreme Court of right wing, radical conservative ideologues.

Much will be written about these decisions in the coming days, about how narrow they may be, and that not much other than a slight rejiggering of insurance rules will need to be done to comply. The fact remains that the door is now open to a new paradigm of Christian Conservative theology that is now ascendant in American jurisprudence.

This new paradigm, which is really already in play includes the total ascendancy of corporate domination over the individual. Banks that are too big to fail, corporate officers immune from criminal liability, oil companies despoiling the environment with the smallest of penalties imposed upon them. The list goes on and on, but now includes "religious beliefs" of corporations holding sway over individuals rights to equal protection under the law.

The principle of separation of church and state has taken another big hit here. Freedom of religion does not seem to count for lay people that must abide by the religious dictates of their corporate employers, the same corporations that receive legal protections from the law. Freedom of religion does not seem to include freedom from religion.

One of the canards we often hear from the chicken hawks regarding their insistence that America continue to fight in the middle east against those terrorists is that they hate our American way of life, and our freedoms. These same radical conservatives are slowly turning this country into a place where these religious zealots of the middle east would find quite to their liking.

Theocracy is not democracy. 

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