Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pointing the Fingers

Summer is officially here and the news is turning into a current events version of a beach novel. Just interesting enough to keep reading, but way too melodramatic to pay any real mind to.

And that brings us to North Korea. It seems that a summer movie,"The Interview", with an apparently slapstick plot, concerns itself with an attempt to assassinate North Korea's leader by CIA plotters using journalists on a tour of North Korea. Sounds hilarious, right?

Well, North Korea has it's panties all in a twist over this, calling it an "act of war" and threatens "merciless retaliation" if the United States allows this movie to be released. Personally, I can think of a long list of movies I'd deem worthy of merciless retaliation for having had to sit through, but that's another story.

With the help of Siskel and Ebert, the notion of rating movies with a Roman thumbs up/thumbs down has become a common way for movie fans to comment upon films they see. I suppose that in the socialist paradise that is North Korea, merciless retaliation would be one side of the scale, while bootlegging and copyright infringement would be the other.

For the continued insanity that spins out of North Korea, I think that a simple "thumbs down" doesn't quite express an accurate appraisal of their peculiar brand of cinematic criticism. In this case, I give North Korea two middle fingers up.

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