Friday, January 17, 2014

The Saw Lady

I first met Natalia Paruz in the early mid-nineties when I worked at the Music Box Theater. She was working there selling merch for the shows. The interesting thing was, after matinees and before the evening shows, she would hang out in the theater lounge, and would practice making music. Her instrument was the musical saw. The sound was other worldly, yet pleasing. And most of all, very unique.

After a while, Natalia moved on from her theater job, and I didn't see her again until just a couple of weeks ago, in the Times Square subway station, performing with her musical saw as part of the MTA's " Music Under New York" program. At first, when I heard that music, and realized that the performer was playing a saw, I realized it had to be Natalia. We chatted for a few moments, and she gave me her card with the website she had put together to showcase her music. 

Here's a video of Natalia showing the musical saw in action:

It was fun to see her again, and I'm glad to see the amount of success she's had with the musical saw. I recommend checking out her website and videos. Of course, songs and cd's are available for purchase on her site.

If you are lucky, you'll get to see Natalia performing live around town.


  1. Mike - what an unexpected pleasure! Thank you so much for your kind words here. It's always nice to see you at the Times Square station. I can't believe you remember that I was practicing my saw at the theater - that's when I was just teaching myself to play! I loved working at the Music Box - my favorite out of all the theaters.

  2. It's funny, back at the Music Box, when you were working there, the computer world was very new to me. I remember you showing me some computer programs, and some of your programming abilities.

    Now, we are communicating via blogs! Big changes for the world, and for me too!

  3. Yes - I remember that! I think by now you have far surpassed me with your computer skills (you know I'm very impressed about how you met your wife!)