Thursday, November 10, 2011

P.U.-The Penn State Debacle

"Success with Honor". The Grand Experiment. Doing things the right way. Principles and principled.

Such has been the decades long sloganeering of Penn State University. It turns out to have been nothing more than a fraudulent house of cards. Just a series of big lies to promote and extend the brand that has been Penn State University.

Nothing is more repugnant than a debate(!) on the appropriate response to child abuse and rape by a serial pedophile. When even the student body can rally in support of a wretched, egomaniacal enabler of a pedophile, you know that the culture of the entire institution has been wholly perverted and bastardized.

Wipe it clean. Clear them out. Admit culpability. Nothing less can or will suffice. And to the pathetic lemmings who shout "WE ARE PENN STATE!" like so many robots at a fascist political rally, take a look in the mirror. You are Penn State, and that is just the beginning of the problem.

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