Monday, November 14, 2011

Less Than a Month Until 50

Less than a month until 50.
Doesn't feel it.
Hardly seems possible.
All of a sudden, yesterday is over 30 years ago.
More even.
Don't care who's singing, haven't cared for a while now.
Nothing much worth watching on T.V..
No interest in any movie now.
How's my IRA doing, anyway?

Less than a month until 50.
Breakdown, well, that's already started.
A couple of pills in the morning, a deficiency here and there, and why can't I see that damn small print at all now?
Kind of tired.
Kind of fed up with some things.

Less than a month until 50.
Whiny and nostalgic.
Culture slipping away, time slipping away.
Over the hump and downhill from here.
Somehow, didn't the past promise more?
The joke's on me, I guess.

Heroes dying and fewer remember.
Clowns lying and fewer care.
It's almost dusk, and it's almost mourning.
Less than a month until 50.

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