Friday, November 18, 2011

The Occupiers

Let's hear it for the people that are finally taking the time and making the effort to bring attention to the issues that have been corroding the very fiber of this society for the past thirty years.

The Occupiers all over the country have been peaceful. They have had their non-violence met with unconscionable violence. Their constitutionally protected rights to free speech and assembly have been abrogated.

The police have been shameful in their treatment of the Occupiers. There can be no excuse for their fascist behavior.

We are living in a country now where corporations have the rights of people, but not the responsibilities. Now, people are secondary to economic policy.  This country seeks to snuff out freedom and economic justice for the sake of convenience and to perpetuate the status quo. The basic pillars of the political life of this country have been allowed to wither into irrelevance.

Though I fear that they may only be the death rattle of the freedom that was once the promise of this country, I wish them success. They are, without a doubt, representative of the best of us.

Thank goodness for the Occupiers.

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