Monday, March 28, 2011

Online Journalism's Golden Age -

Online Journalism's Golden Age -

A bitter and snide swipe at a competitor. Classless as Murdoch. The morons that destroyed the journalistic integrity of the WSJ are having a laugh at the NYT paywall. It's a pathetic state of affairs when the NYT and the WSJ must both imitate AOL in the way it reaps revenue from customers too ignorant to drop the pay to access model. While all three are quite happy to collect fees for online access, in all cases, it it a waste of money. All may be obtained free of charge through a variety of methods. It is a sorry state of affairs that these institutions are relying on the ignorance of their users, and in the case of the WSJ, to comment at all on the NYT paywall, brings irony to a whole new level.

Taranto, you, in particular, are a putz.

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