Saturday, February 12, 2011

When Democracy Weakens -

When Democracy Weakens -

Mr. Herbert is completely correct in his analysis in his column. As the middle class has been weakened and debilitated economically over the last thirty years, so too has it been marginalized politically. The political process in the United States has degraded to a system of government whose lifeblood is money, and those that control the money, control the political process. Mr. Herbert points out the scandalous Supreme Court ruling of last year that allows unlimited money flows from any source to bring to bear the foul stench of special interests in our political process.

That Court decision alone elevates the corporate entities to an effectively higher plane of empowerment than individuals in this society. The mendacious liars that falsely champion originalism with respect to the framers of the Constitution have instead overthrown those self same ideals. May they rot.

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