Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Terrible Divide - NYTimes.com

A Terrible Divide - NYTimes.com

This is really not new, but it remains oh so true. The complete dismantling of the middle class that began in the Reagan era has now reached what is likely beyond the point of no return. The exporting of not just jobs, but entire industries, and the reduction in resources for education and infrastructure have turned this country into a shell of it's former self. Now, the latest indignity, the targeting of pensions for the middle class. You could not map out a more effective assault on the backbone of this country, the middle class, if you tried to.

The bankers and Wall Street thieves have been bailed out, it's back to business as usual on that front. The unimaginable fees and bonuses are back in play and the risk profile of these industries is not very different than before. What has really changed for them? Who has paid for the clearly criminal activity that brought the financial system nearly to it's knees? Nothing much has changed, and no one has been charged. But those pensions for the middle class, awarded as the result of collective bargaining, that is where we must look to solve the countries problems, on the back of the middle class. What a farce!

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