Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Christie Accuses Washington of Ignoring Fiscal Crisis -

Christie Accuses Washington of Ignoring Fiscal Crisis -

This clod is sure spending a lot of time outside of his home state for a freshman governor. Clearly he is angling for 2012, but what of New Jersey? When last seen, the state was about to spiral down the proverbial toilet.

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  1. In no time at all, Christie has begun to decimate Jersey. Little wonder he's being primed for the BIG RACE. Oh, speaking of race, to people who care, he's a nice white boy. There's fiscally conservative thinking, there's fiscal responsibility, then there's just plain friggin' stupid. When he's done destroying education in Jersey, he can work on health care. I'm thinking about how much can be saved on, for example, screening colonoscopies, if we ALL stick our heads soooooo far up our asses. Something to consider, huh??