Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The GOP's Latino Problem - WSJ.com

The GOP's Latino Problem - WSJ.com

It goes without saying, but I shall say it here, the there can be no excuse, NONE, for any hispanic, black, asian , foreign born, gay, poor, or female to be a Republican/Conservative in this day and age. The Republican Party, taking it's marching orders from it's radical extremist right-wing Conservative cohort, has only the interests of wealthy white males as it's core policy program. Any non wealthy white male with an allegiance to the Republican Party, has been co-opted, knowingly or not, to have sold out the group, or groups to which they belong. From the unfair economic policies they espouse, to the xenophobic, homophobic, and racist proclamations they make on an uninterrupted basis, it is shockingly unbelievable that they have not been marginalized as of yet.

As the inexorable demographic trends now in place in this country continue, there will soon be no place on the national scene for this fated to whither away Republican party. No one need shed a tear over it's demise either. Hopefully, a more mature and sober politics awaits future generations.

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