Thursday, February 9, 2017

Chris Matthews Comes Clean

Chris Matthews Criticizes Court Decision On Muslim Ban: “The Courts Have Gotten Into Somebody Else’s Marmalade”:

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Chris Mathews, he of MSNBC, home of the most liberal hosts on cable TV, has always been an odd fit on that network. For years, he was vehemently an anti-Clinton voice and he goes back to the days of Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neil backroom political deals. At best, he's a Reagan democrat, at worst a phony liberal, in spite of his admiration of Barack Obama.

Now that Trump's racist and fascist travel ban was struck down by the Ninth District Court of Appeals, Matthews is now kind of queasy. He says that he prefers "strong Presidents, even this one". I guess that when a court uses its constitutional check on the co-equal executive branch of government, Chris Matthews grows soft yearning for a strongman as President. Even a misfit such as Trump.

No, Matthews need not toe a liberal MSNBC line. Just look at the idiotic neo-con they have in their morning slot. But views that are soft on and wistful for a fascist presence in the White House have no place in American political discourse.

The danger to this country is not the lack of a "strong" President, it's the long lack of a strong Congress and Supreme Court to help to preserve and protect the American principles of justice that we all claim to love so dearly.

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