Friday, January 20, 2017

The Politics of Wrong

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We have had many unworthy Presidents. That's not new. I think what is different about the prospect of a President Trump, what has discouraged and demoralized so many people, is that in the case of Trump, it's clear now, and has always been clear, what an unfit and unworthy specimen he is.

This philandering narcissistic racist misogynist blowhard didn't stumble into his victory. He roared to it on the wings of fervent public support in the Republican primaries. The Republican party electorate found this Reality TV demogogue preferable to the standard issue candidates that, while poor choices to lead the country, were at least of a mind to govern. They didn't boast of molesting women. They didn't go bankrupt multiple times. They didn't cozy up to foreign tyrants. Yet, Trump, guilty of all these indiscretions and more, was their choice
When John Edwards was running in the Democratic primaries a few cycles ago, he made clear inroads in his quest for the Democratic Presidential nomination. His progressive program appealed to many Democrats, and he had a real chance at getting the nomination.

When his sex scandal broke, his political career was over. A hidden child, adultery, and lying about the affair sealed his fate. Whatever good ideas he had for governance were lost. Once the measure of the man became public, the Democratic party properly turned their back on him.

In the case of Trump, no such result. All of his foibles, and the lying about it only endeared him to his base. With a straight face and Tweets in all caps, Trump proclaims that unfair and evil media are out to get him
What does it say about Democrats that cast off the unfit John Edwards? That it matters that the words a man speaks comport with his actions, and nothing less will do.

What does it say about Republicans that raise up Trump in the face of behavior unfit for a civil man?

The answer is painfully clear.  

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