Monday, January 16, 2017

Maybe The Last Hope

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In just four days Donald Trump will ascend to the Presidency of these dis-United States. He will be joined by a Republican-led Congress and a soon to be polluted Supreme Court. Radical conservative Republicans control most of the Governorships in the country, so things are primed to go bad and go bad fast.

With these surreal but inescapable facts at hand, there is no reason for Progressive Liberal Democrats to believe that the country is not on the brink of massive and generations long debasement of the virtues and values of this country.  Civil rights, voting rights, marriage equality, a woman's right to choose, and health care are all in the sights of the incoming herd of zealots and kleptocrats poised to control the levers of power.

Oddly, weirdly, maybe there will be a few unlikely heroes that may somehow, someway, find it in their heart of hearts to stand in the way of the most egregious of the new government's plans.

They are, and it's hard to actually say this but, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts.

Each of these three is usually on the wrong side of most every issue. However, in the case of the two Senators, they have demonstrated a great aversion to Trump before falling in line and supporting him. They both seemed to know, though they wouldn't or couldn't prevent him from winning the Republican nomination, that a Trump presidency will be a catastrophic affair. Justice Roberts, despite siding with the conservative claque on the Supreme Court in most issues, cast the deciding vote to allow the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, incurring the wrath of radical conservatives from sea to shining sea.

Do these three men, these avowed conservative Republicans, have the courage, the moral compass to stand firm as Trump and Ryan and McConnell begin to ride roughshod over the rights of all Americans?

Logic, of course, says of course not. These guys, if not helping to install Trump, were ineffective in blocking him, not up to the task to defeat him while he was just a refugee from Reality TV. But we didn't wind up in this position logically. And now, they may very well be the last hope we've got.

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