Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Shame of a Nation

Whether you promenaded around in a pantsuit with an "I Voted" sticker, or you decided that without Barack Obama on the ticket it wasn't worth the effort, at 10:15 eastern time, Donald Trump is building up a formidable lead and has a real chance to win the presidency.

The racism and misogyny is thick in America in 2016. Apparently it is more than okay to openly impugn all manner of minorities now. Blacks, Islamics, women, the handicapped, are all fair game. More voters than not are voting for the candidate that has exhibited the worst of this behavior with the most unapologetic aplomb.

Most folks claim to despise politicians and the gridlock they create in our nation's capital. Yet, corrupt incumbents are too frequently returned to office, policies are continually implemented that run counter to citizens interests, and the interests of the powerful are held in preference to the have nots.

The voting booth is the ultimate control that citizens retain to demand and command the politicians they vote for. This country has been plagued for years by embarrassingly low voter participation. The inescapable fact is that voters get the politicians they deserve, whether they vote them in or apathetically abstain, or are too easily swayed to understand what their self interests are.

Republicans have spent the last eight years claiming that the United States has lost it's standing in the world, that we are no longer a leader in the world. If the trends in tonight's voting continue as it's going, the United States will prove this supposition to be absolutely true.

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