Sunday, November 13, 2016

Only Following Orders


January 20 is only a couple of months away. Before you know it, Donald Trump will take the oath of office and become President. It still seems unreal.

We all saw how Trump comported himself during his campaign. We saw how he exhorted his rally attendees to spasms of violence. We've all heard his racist and misogynist rants. Soon, he will have the power of the Presidency behind his unique brand of un-American beliefs and behaviors.

My question is, what then? He has a Republican controlled Congress that will let him run amok, so long as their agenda is promoted. He will have the courts under his control. He has already telegraphed his intention to clamp down on a free press.

Who will be the ones that will carry out his program? By whose hands will the fascist ramblings of President Trump be made real?  Who will be the ones that will be merely "following orders'?

Judging by the election results, I wouldn't hold my breath holding out for America's mythical "decency".

There are dark days ahead.

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