Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hispanic Hysteria

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Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is dead and the entirety of the Cuban American community of Florida rejoices. The Floridian Cubans are Republicans and "bigly" supported the election of Donald Trump. They are happy that Fidel is dead, and hope for more freedom for their families that remain in Cuba.

When Castro took over Cuba, he ousted a dictator, Batista, friendly to U.S. interests. A wave of refugees fled the island, heading to Florida and the American Dream of freedom and prosperity.

I presume that it is wilful ignorance on the part of these refugees, and sons and daughters of those refugees, that had their current champion, Donald Trump, been the President during those halcyon days of yore, their path to freedom in America would have been blocked. The anti-immigrant fervor of today would have prevented those Cuban political refugees from entering the United States. Deportations would have followed.

The Trump era is also a post-ironic era.

Hispanics, thy name is Hypocrisy.

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