Monday, July 11, 2016

Would You Buy a Used Car From These Guys?

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From the "Old News" file, it may be instructive/amusing to recall how many of the Republican contenders for the Presidential nomination had "pledged" to support the eventual nominee. Readers with strong stomachs will recall that all, except for the eventual winner Donald Trump, held up their hands in front of the nation on national TV and declared their party loyalty.

Well, as we approach the Republican National Convention all these months later, most of the losing candidates have reneged on that pledge. Trump, triumphant, has proven himself a fatally flawed candidate, and conservative Republicans have been reduced to furtive plots to deny Trump his democratically won nomination at the Republican quadrennial showcase.

It's no surprise that democracy makes these guys queasy. They are used to rigging the system on behalf of the one-percenters. That the base of their party has thrown off the conservative elites is simply unfathomable to those old line lions. Having spoon fed their base years of racist xenophobic dog-whistle pablum, it was inevitable that from the swamp Trump, or someone like him, would rise and seize on this group of hardcore know-nothings to wrest control from the obstructionists that have led the Republicans for decades. Simply put, what comes around, goes around.

So as the conservative chieftains yammer on about "core principles", let's remember how honesty and justice don't really have a place in that quite fictional list.

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