Friday, June 3, 2016

Waiting For The Nixon Moment


With Hilary now turning up the heat on Trump, and hearing the Donald's erratic and yet predictable response, it's plain where this upcoming campaign is going.

We all know how insecure, defensive, and thin-skinned Trump is. He can not accept criticism or scrutiny. His childish responses are laughably idiotic. It's amazing that the Republican party has chosen a cretin like this to contend for the Presidency.

If you think about it, we can predict how it all might end. The Republicans have a history of selecting paranoid and dishonest candidates. If the past can instruct the present, let's take a look at a bitter moment in Republican history to see the lack of grace and humility a different crooked Republican exhibited as he bowed out of a race.

While a younger Nixon came back to enthrall Republicans again, much to the shame of the country, Trump will be vanquished come November. His age precludes another chapter in his idiotic political story, but the grand finale will likely be even more cringe-worthy than good old Tricky Dick's was.

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