Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Party's Over

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Someone should tell the Republican elites that the party is falling apart.

With the rise of Trump, the unquestionable preference of the Republican electorate, the party poobahs are stuck with a clown of a candidate that has shown himself to be unfit for the presidency in any way whatsoever.

Trump doesn't fit into the radical conservative, Tea Bagger box that has taken over the Republican party. Therefore, the hacks can't hack him. But if the voters have chosen him, who then do the Republican establishment really represent?

While any thinking person can sympathize with the nascent "#NeverTrump" movement, what does it say about the Republicans that the party leaders, in their heart of hearts, want to undo the selection of their party's choice of a candidate? Apparently they have no use for democratic principles when the democratically elected choice doesn't suit them.

Then again, nothing new there. When Barack Obama was elected, the Republicans hunkered down and chose to obstruct and not to govern for the entire length of Obama's two terms.

Clearly, the Republicans don't represent Republican voters. They want nothing to do with the business of governing. They only represent the "donor class", the billionaires like the Koch brothers and others, that see the government as only a means to their selfish ends, the economic raping of our society and the total destruction of the middle class.

Hopefully, for the sake of the country, the flailing Trump will continue down his incoherent path and perhaps take his party down with him.

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