Saturday, May 28, 2016

Yankees wearing new matte helmets on road |

Yankees wearing new matte helmets on road |

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I was watching the game today and I thought something looked wrong. The helmets! It look like the players were wearing rubber bowling balls on their heads!

It turns out these are new "matte finish" helmets that the team will wear on the road. The shiny helmets are gone for road games now. I have no idea if they are safer, or have any advantages at all, but I don't like them. They make the team look like they are one step away from figures out of the old movie "Rollerball", what with all the other protective gear that hitters wear these days. Elbow pads, shin guards, batting gloves, it's starting to not even look like baseball anymore.

I know the trend is for teams to wear all manner of "alternate" uniforms and caps. The new designs really juice the memorabilia market, and that's big bucks. My preference is for maintaining the traditional uniforms. The new stuff just looks goofy to me.

Expanded replay rules, changing the strike zone and now funky helmets. The trends are not my friends.

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