Friday, May 20, 2016

Team of the Century


Eighteen years ago today, during the early part of what would become their greatest season, the Yankees brawled with their division rivals the Baltimore Orioles following a beaning of Tino Martinez by Armando Benitez, after a Bernie Williams home run.

Unlike most basebrawls, this wasn't a brief gathering on the field with a little pushing and shoving. The entire Yankees team, bullpen included, completely engulfed the Orioles, pushing them off the field and continuing into the visitor's dugout. They would ultimately do the same thing to MLB that year, if only metaphorically, as they steamrolled to their complete conquest of all opponents that year.

Watching this video now, eighteen years later, it is striking(!) how things have changed. The Yankees are struggling mightily, unlike the well-oiled machine that the 1998 team was.

What a year that was, and what a team!

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