Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Nerds Today, Gone Tomorrow

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When Nerds The Musical cancelled it's Broadway run at the last minute earlier this spring, news reports about how the producers of that show had left many bills unpaid were a big part of the story.

It's been weeks since, and nothing has been heard about this situation, publicly anyway. Will the vendors owed thousands of dollars be made whole, or will the Nerds debacle remain just the latest stain on an industry known as much for it's monstrous flops as for it's titanic mega hits?

A silver lining to the Nerds situation, temporary though it may be, was the evisceration of online wags and vultures that inhabit the idiot chatboards focusing on Broadway.

Before the smoke had cleared on the Nerds cancellation, the inane chatterers on those boards were spewing all manner of bile and personal attacks on the actors in the show. Following a passionate rebuttal by one of the stars of Nerds, a long overdue backlash against the vermin posters has, for the moment anyway, cleared away some of the stench from those anonymous online boards.

But, it's Tony season now, and it's time for only good publicity for Broadway. I wonder, though, if the Nerds producer, long linked with the Tony awards, will play any role in this years awards celebration.

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