Friday, April 29, 2016

Lies and Damned Lies


This "ad" was shown tonight at our union meeting. It's just one of many that the "Right to Work" advocates use in their lying propaganda war against unions.

We heard from a representative from a Wisconsin union that has borne the brunt of the political war against unions and the middle class. Governor Scott Walker's Wisconsin is one of many "ground zero's" in the ever strengthening Right to Work movement. What was once unthinkable is now the horrible reality of the decimated unions of Wisconsin.

The seventeen buffoons that vied for the Republican presidential nomination were certainly entertaining. It may seem hilarious that Donald Trump is on the precipice of an outright clinching of the nomination, but the clown car that is the modern Republican party has a radical conservative agenda that, while pathetically failing in the Presidential elections, has had a great deal of success on a state and local level.

The future of this country lies in the success of the middle class, but the middle class is suffering relentlessly from the anti-labor laws that are being enacted across the country. 

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